What is WACOOP?

We are glad you asked.  The Wanke Associates Purchasing Program is an effort to help organizations do more with their IT dollars.  One of the largest factors preventing business growth lies in executing a good IT strategy within a budget.  This can often be because 1) IT costs are too high or 2) shopping for IT services can be cumbersome and complicated.

startup-593296_1280 (1)The WACOOP is a division of Wanke Associates LLC  which provides hardware, software and IT services for hundreds of businesses across the country.  Through the Purchasing Program, Wanke Associates is able to provide additional services through strategic partners – all at a reduced cost.  What’s even greater – we treat our customers like strategic partners. Not only through quality service and reduced costs, but by cutting them a check at the end of the year based on the profits of the Purchasing Program. It just makes sense.

Our program has No Hidden Fees.  No sign up costs, no monthly dues, no purchasing requirements.  We just want you to call us when you need help.